BBC CBBC redesign 2007

BBC Future Media & Technology Department

After spending a year redesigning the CBeebies website, the BBC Future Media & Technology Department were given only three months to redesign the BBC CBBC website for a new school year September launch, I was given a seven week contract to work on the HTML & CSS Table-free construction from photoshop designs.

The website had to use a lot of PNG image files, overlays and have html alternatives to the flash content, and be accessible. There was also the standard BBC templates for the top navigation, footer and service navigation to be included.

I was one of two CSD's (Client-Side Developers) working on the CSS layout, I dealt with the central sections, Home, Grab, Create, watch and find, and my colleague worked on changes to sub-sections like Blue Peter, for example, to make sure new navigation integrated with the new CBBC design.

CSS had to be laid out to BBC specifications, working with a large team made up of two Designers, Flash designers and Actionscript coders, Javascript coders and SSSI logic experts, working with Content management departments and BBC CBBC channel coordinators.

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