Full Stack ASP.NET Web Developer

Living in Thetford Norfolk, UK with over 20 years’ experience in design and development on accessible and web standards compliant websites.

The last seven years I have been specialising in ASP.NET websites using Umbraco CMS as a framework. I also develop ASP.NET framework and ASP.NET Core supporting applications and services and worker services for website infrastructure, moving client data from website forms to our databases and onto our company advisors, also moving client data between our systems and third party applications. Experienced in MS SQL databases and their management, creating tables and writing SQL queries and stored procedures. I help maintain IIS domains and subdomains and involved in setting up IIS configuration and IIS security protocols.

Writing and integrating Node JS and Vue JS components and forms into Umbraco. Writing JavaScript and jQuery. Using Git versioning and Jira for code and Project management. Integrating Google Analytics using Tag Manager into our websites and testing and development using such aides as GTMetrix and BrowserStack.

Flexible and creative

Able to work independently or as a team member. Good communicator with clients, across departments, working with developers and designers. Motivated to learn new applications, web technologies and platforms. Previous experience includes coding for open source CMS platforms such as Magento, WordPress, Symfony and Joomla! and able to adapt to many CMS systems built in-house. Experience in building and setting up my own Windows Server 2012 or Debian/Ubuntu server for website building.


This graphic displays the range of experience gained over my career on web development.

  • ASP.NET framework and ASP.NET Core
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • MSSQL management
  • IIS management
  • SCSS & CSS3
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • HTML5
  • SEO, Google Analytics and Tag Manager
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Git versioning and Jira project management
  • Umbraco content management
  • Node JS & Vue JS
  • ASP.NET Framework applications and services
  • ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET Core worker services
  • Connected services to third party Soap Services, Web References and API’s
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Portfolio of Full Stack ASP.NET Framework and ASP.NET Core Web Development

Here is a small selection of my work from various times over the last seven years ASP.NET development.

Dream of Empathy
Date: / printmaking-and-the-computer
Dream of Empathy

Dream of Empathy showcase text

Force of Nature
Date: / printmaking-and-the-computer
Force of Nature

Force of Nature showcase text

Date: / traditional-printmaking

Sirens showcase text

The Lizard
Date: / traditional-printmaking
The Lizard

The Lizard showcase text

Date: / early-printmaking

Decay showcase text

The Sea
Date: 1979 / early-printmaking
The Sea

The Sea showcase text

Frontend ASP.NET and PHP Web Development

Before my employment at Norfolk Capital I was located in London after graduating from my masters course in Fine-Art Printmaking. After teaching myself Photoshop, to mix computer Photoshop work with my fine-art prints, I taught myself the desktop publishing application QuarkXPress and gained employment at The Guardian Newspaper. This led onto becoming interested in web design.

The Guardian set up WorkThing.com, to move their advertisement to an online platform, I was included with this project from the outset until the project was sold by The Guardian newspaper group. I accepted redundancy and went freelance to gain experience in many aspects of web design and frontend web development.